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Feelings or Characteristics That Colors Represents

Different Colors Inspire Different Personality, Characteristics or Responses.

RED: Red is classified as the color of stimulation. It is associated with strength, energy, and enthusiasm. The color of love, red awakens passionate emotions. Due to its relation to blood, red is often associated with pain. It is commonly chosen as a stand-out color to attract attention to warning or caution signs.


YELLOW: Yellow is an uplifting color that brings out the playful, youthful side to one's personality. The color of wisdom, yellow galvanizes mental processes and the nervous system. It is inspiring, confident and enhances concentration and communication.


PURPLE: Purple represents a balance between the stimulation of red and the calmness of blue. It is associated with royalty, luxury, wealth, power, nobility, mystery, and sophistication. It encourages creative and eccentric personalities. This uplifting color calms the nerves and the mind, much like the color blue.


ORANGE: A mixture of red and yellow, orange has a positive effect on emotions. Seen as an anti-depressant, it encourages socialization and relieves negative feelings. It boosts curiosity and exploration of new things as well as stimulates activity. The citrus characteristics of orange encourage healthy eating and strengthen the immune system.


GREEN: The dominant color of the earth, green is the color of health and nature. It has a soothing quality that is relaxing not only physically, but mentally as well, as it relieves depression and anxiety. The color green symbolizes money, balance, healing, fertility and healthy eating.


BLUE: The opposite of red, blue is a cool, calming color. Blue is associated with commitment, sincerity, dependability and inspiration. Different shades of blue can evoke different emotions. For example, energetic blues express excitement and deeper blues represent wisdom.


PINK: A combination or red and white, pink represents a purer form of energy and passion. It also represents excitement, happiness, youthfulness and romance. It encourages confidence, action, love, friendship, relaxation and compassion.


BLACKNot necessarily a color, black absorbs negativity and symbolizes the absence of color. It represents emptiness, void, mystery and darkness. Fear, the unknown, formality, elegance and sophistication are all associated with the color black.


WHITE: White is the color of purity. It represents things that are sacred such as angels and gods. It symbolizes innocence, goodness, sterility, peacefulness, cleanliness, safety, freedom and comfort. White encourages people to clear clutter and face obstacles.


GRAY: Independence, knowledge, self-reliance and wisdom are all represented by the true neutral color of gray. Because it is neither black or white, it portrays compromise. It also symbolizes loneliness and separation.

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